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The Ideal

Untempered friendship, lit by fire,
Eternal in it’s grandiose naïveté.
A source of hope, beyond expectation,
A closeness none can match.

Endless excitement drawn from shared experiences,
Adventures abound with everlasting possibility.
To sheer contentment; finding warmth and comfort,
The mundane becomes magical.

To stand where love and friendship meet,
Through luck and toil and hope and tears,
To find that for which we all should strive,
The apotheosis of our desires.



Absent so much, all outside endeavours abandoned;
Left behind lest time shared was lost.
A continuing cycle built on respect forgotten, destroying the things that had drawn two together.
All that remained was a vessel devoid of content save for a desperate, unhappy love.
Not such a grave loss, given the new joys that spring up to fill it, now that the leeching emotion is buried.