The Ideal

Untempered friendship, lit by fire,
Eternal in it’s grandiose naïveté.
A source of hope, beyond expectation,
A closeness none can match.

Endless excitement drawn from shared experiences,
Adventures abound with everlasting possibility.
To sheer contentment; finding warmth and comfort,
The mundane becomes magical.

To stand where love and friendship meet,
Through luck and toil and hope and tears,
To find that for which we all should strive,
The apotheosis of our desires.


Absent so much, all outside endeavours abandoned;
Left behind lest time shared was lost.
A continuing cycle built on respect forgotten, destroying the things that had drawn two together.
All that remained was a vessel devoid of content save for a desperate, unhappy love.
Not such a grave loss, given the new joys that spring up to fill it, now that the leeching emotion is buried.


No reason beyond chemistry, no dispute beyond the present, it clings like inevitability casting all thoughts into a cold, unflattering light.
Logic fails to alter reasoning that, in another time, would be viewed with unambiguous scorn.
This recurring form, obscured from view, threatens to irrevocably alter what little is left, insidious in it’s function.

Until this foul perception is cast aside by a greater epiphany; you have been gone.
Pressure released, pushing back the usurper; left bathed in confidence too bright to be understood.

A Phoenix once a month.


A man finds himself with one wish.

No riches or glory cross his mind, but a simple test of something he believed he understood.

To rewind a year, and see if things could be different. If knowing the outcome could change the circumstances that led to the end of the life he loved.

He had made these points the first time around, but the increased fervour fuelled by knowledge of his fate led to more accusations of paranoia and melancholy. He finds that people do not believe clairvoyance regardless of its efficacy. He knew before, but certainty makes it worse.

He knows one point where he can tip the scales to the ends that will bring what he believes is happiness. A trip away that he did not take the time before. This time, he knows the outcome, but cannot bring himself to tamper with her independence. She travels alone and finds the one with which to replace him.

And so knowledge and respect have the outcomes expected, as if preordained, and the world continues as it had before. He considers if he has wasted his wish, and finds that it is impossible to tell. He knows that he could have caused a different outcome if he had undermined the basis of his love, but he now knows that he is strong enough to overcome the temptation.